Morning Ritual, 2010

NRDC promotional video. 2010

Lowepro commercial, 2010

Untied, 2010. Directors commentary for the 48 Hr Film Festival entry.

48 Hour Film Festival 2010 entry by ZöRo Films. Winner of Audience Choice and Best Character prizes. 

Zoë's 2009 entry for The Best Job in The World competition (living on a tropical island in Australia for one year doing nothing but blogging and exploring). She didn't win :(

Burning Man 2008

Luis Miguel, Amor Amor Amor 2007. (Inside gossip: Luis had an assistant whose job was to carry a full length mirror around so Luis could keep checking his appearance).

Diesel Jeans commercial. Italy 2006.

Bryan Ferry, The Girl of my Best Friend (he was a real perv)

She Spies - Season 2 Episode 16 - London Calling

Seriously old short film project. 1993?

INXS Shining Star, 1991