2015 Year In Review

Tulum, NYC, Big Sur, Tulum again, BRC, Washington DC, Napa, Denver, Further Future, LA... thank you to all these places for providing backdrops for love, laughter and adventure. Wintery, glamorous birthdays in Manhattan, a sexy Sleep No More, Valentines in LA, love letters buried on top of mountains, romantic trips to Mexico and California's Coast with amazing friends. 

This year:

  • Gay marriage was legalized and Pride exploded with joy
  • I accidentally flashed a TMZ bus from the Ivy. Well, the TMZ bus was accidental, the flash wasn't
  • Burning Man inspired even more love, while delivering a taste of real wind and cold
  • Alvarito turned 40 and took us all on a crazy journey
  • My grandfather and Mikey passed and took a slice of our hearts with them
  • Friendships deepened and our community grew and supported each other in times of grief
  • My heart expanded even further and healed in lots of scarred up places
  • I learned a lot about Green card applications
  • My inspiring and loving mama came to visit and spend time with me and my love. Shared time making memories and having new experiences is the greatest gift of all.

Thank you 2015 for being (mostly) lovely. I applaud you.