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Mother, Writer, Model, Designer, Advocate and Silence Breaker

Zoë Brock is one of the co-founders of We Spoke - an organization run entirely by the outspoken survivors of Harvey Weinstein who created the #MeToo movement - the reckoning on sexual assault and abuses of power. 

Zoë worked in the fashion industry from the time she was discovered by Vogue Magazine at the age of 14 until her late thirties. During that time she worked for many international publications and top designers, gracing pages and catwalks from Paris to New York, and back again. Her dreams of becoming an actor were sidelined by her experiences with Weinstein and other powerful and predatory men. Zoë went on to work as a writer and creative director, and is currently working on a memoir. Her writing can be found on Medium.

Zoë has always been an activist. She is passionate about advocating for women’s rights and has a special interest in environmental causes.

Since becoming a part of the #MeToo movement, it has become part of Zoë’s advocacy to change the cultural bias against victims by creating dialog around abuses of power and gender inequality, ending the use of NDA’s to buy victims silence, and creating new laws that abolish the statute of limitations for sexual assaults.

Zoë was one of the first women to speak up about Harvey Weinstein and was pleasantly surprised to be nominated for New Zealander of the Year 2017 for her contribution to the #MeToo movement - and pleasantly unsurprised to lose to the New Zealand women's rugby team.

Contact: info@zoebrock.com


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